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In 2015 Pacific Health in Auckland ceased the production of all basic 36 and 48 spring lymphacisers. They had also been producing the superior RH48 XenPod, so all supply of NZ made lymphacisers dried up. The RH48 XenPod Lymphaciser  & Harmonic Energiser is recognised as the very best of all these models and that's why it was picked up by Healthier Life Ltd (NZ) in 2015. 


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THIS IS A VERY UNIQUE PRODUCT AND PROGRAM, which will auto-diagnose and address each human's energy needs with perfect priority. This is a must, as we each have a unique and different life. Ian's proven program activates the Central Nervous System to bring cellular regeneration, by increasing the energy level of each individual cell. Results will vary with each person, so the benefits listed above are not in order of priority.  

THE XENPOD WILL ACTIVATE THE THREE FLUIDS SYSTEMS, create uptake of more oxygen for improved cleansing and communication, and support elimination. In this healthier environment, the normal holistic regeneration process will take place. Most bodies are capable of regeneration, when relative health laws are implemented and combined with balanced knowledge and wisdom.

BASED ON THE TRIED AND TESTED ORIGINAL RH48 DESIGN Ian Pettitt's breakthrough with the superior XenPod Harmonic Energiser, represents years of research and refinement. His goals were conceived in 1985 and were achieved in mid 1991.


THE PRODUCT AND PROGRAM comes to you after nine years of proven success, with nearly 3,000 Programs in 26 countries. Ian Pettitt, well know as Mr Lymphaciser, is the original innovator of the XenPod and an octogenarian health educator who is passionately concerned with getting results. He has devoted his life focus and finances to perfecting the why, when and how of lymphacising.

IAN'S GOAL is to reverse all pain and dis-ease (inner stress) of the human body with his XenPod system. Using a balanced ratio of air, water, earth (food) and movement (fire) has done this. The person's body will activate their five elimination systems from within, resulting in increased energy for the user. Only 3 lots of 10 minutes a day OR 2 times 30 minutes a day for degenerate dis-ease, will bring very good results. Ian personally guarantees that every user will improve their posture, which will bring an improved attitude and a balanced outlook on all they do, say and think.

WHAT IF your body could holistically experience all, or even part of the following goals of the RH48 Harmonic Body Energiser, coupled with the provable results of the Energising while Lymphacising Program? 


Revised in January 2017 by Healthier Life, from the original by Ian Pettitt Jan 2001.


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