Step Breathing

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Pettitt’s Step Breath Breathing

You can start with a ratio as low as as 3:7 breaths, don't make it hard! With the ultimate goal of 20 in and 24 out breaths, Ian's Step Breath program allows you to work towards synchronizing their Step Breaths to the Lymphacisers stress-less bounce. By activating and utilizing this technique within your own spiraling vortex energy, static electricity is reduced to safer levels and the induced vibrational energy will assist with your cellular self-transformation.

Please be aware that it is very important that you learn to do this breathing correctly. You will receive a free tutorial session with your XenPod purchase, to correctly cover all the steps involved.

Ian has revolutionized and established methods that will safely increase and balance the oxygen levels of body cells. Oxygen is the vital life-force needed, to synergistically activate the cell’s Sodium Potassium pumps. This approach avoids most of the innate stresses involved in doing the exercise, and avoids reactions like tiring or hyperventilation. When the cell’s blood oxygen levels are optimal, cellular self-healing and rejuvenation can be accelerated in a safer, surer way.

The Step Breathing also raises the lung capacity, so that your normal breathing range will be steadily increased. The ability of the lungs to uptake oxygen is increased, resulting in increased removal of the cells waste gasses. In this way the whole respiratory system, plus the other thirteen body systems can also be enhanced, by working at cellular level.

The obvious results of a balanced Step Breathing session can be felt for many hours after doing this total approach, which restores the body’s life force. The extention of the sniff - puff breath ratio will increase lung capacity and allow your breathing rate to be slowed, for improved oxygen uptake to the blood - Our Life Force.

While Step Breathing, the pulsing action will help to clear sinuses, ear, nose and throat passageways, resulting in easier breathing and a clearer head: especially with persons who have a history of breathing ailments such as asthma, bronchitis, emphysemas etc.

The overall goal is to restore the full range of the diaphragm, which is our body’s most important muscle. This will result in the full expansion and contraction of the upper, middle and lower lungs within the rib cage.

This basic key will release and activate the spine’s relative vertebrae, which in turn activates the Cerebral Spinal Fluid utilized by the Sacral-Cranial pump. The Sacrum is one of the body’s most important bones, as it's purpose is to bring nutrients to the whole skeletal structure, especially the cranium plates, and to remove toxins and cellular wastes from the Central Nervous System.

Learning, applying and then experiencing this knowledge from your own volition, allows you to get the maximum benefits from your lymphacising sessions. It costs you absolutely nothing to do, but over time will save you thousands of dollars on costly, recurring body maintanence therapy, like massage, chiropractic, osteopathic or accupuncture treatments etc.


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