Pain and Dis-ease

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Pain and dis-ease are the result of many factors from lifestyle and nutrition.  When pain has become chronic, the body will desensitize and to some extent mask the pain.  While the cause of pain and disease can arise from many sources, it has been found that relief can be found from most pain and disease by regular use of the RH48 Lymphaciser & Harmonic Energiser, with the Energising While Lymphacising program.

While no two persons will respond exactly the same, we have found it to be true that every person has reported positive results when instructions are followed correctly.

Most persons have reported that in as little as a few days they have experienced positive results, and in most cases pain has begun to subside.  We realize that often we are dealing with people who have started the programs out of desperation, therefore we should expect that anyone who decides to start the program while healthy will notice a real feeling of well being rather than easing of pain.

Provided the program is adhered to, the RH48 Lymphaciser & Harmonic Energiser with it's accompanying program, will benefit any person who decides to begin a new and more energetic life


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