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Major Researchers: The late Frank Mahoney, founder of “Hypertonics”, for the Sacral-Cranial pump.

Randolph Stone, author of “The Electric Anatomy of Man” books one and two The Russian’s Kirlians, inventors of high frequency photography, allowed proof that the Body Energiser® does increase human energy at cell level.

Bruce Cathie, NZ author of four books on Harmonics, who passed on to me much energy research, John Godwin, an expert in Radionics, the revealer of the RH48 basic sizing concepts, Dr. Bill Mortor, D.C.; teacher of B.E.S.T. (Bio-Energy Synchronization Technique).

Dr. Jack Shields, of the Santa Barbara Medical Research Centre discovered the lymph fluid movement is relative to the depth of inhalation, and at the top of the breath.

Walter Last, author and cancer researcher, inspired me back in 1987 to present my research in depth. Dr. Gary Whitley, D.C, a great teacher, friend and supporter of this program.

Original manufacturer Ged Alward, who went more than the extra mile in producing quality in the original RH48 Anti-Static Lymphaciser. The end result is now that we are able to experience the greatest holistic self-help approach program known to man. Energy is ours to gain and energy being “only information in motion”, along with ‘choice’ is our “birthright”.


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