Circulatory Systems

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Understanding the Four Fluid Systems, is Critical to Understanding Health

The circulatory sysyems consist of the Blood, the Cerebral Spinal Fluid and the Lymphatic Fluid.

The First System is well documented as the circulatory or the red blood system. After getting oxygen and hydrogen from the lungs, oxygenated blood containing iron and other organic elements, is pumped by the heart via its vascular systems: basically taking our life-force to all the cells of our body.

The Second System is the venous system which carries the de-oxygenated (dark) blood back to the heart to process cellular wastes and gases, where the lungs take away gaseous wastes allowing the next breath to receive another charge of oxygen, hydrogen and elements from the heart: to once again supply the cells needs. If the waste produced by the cells were returned to the blood, or not processed enough, we would suffer from toxemia, which is poisoning of the blood. Therefore the body has to have a return system, much like the white blood system, that removes the cellular waste and gases from our body. This system is known as the venous system, where the de-oxygenated blood is pumped back to the lungs via the heart, where gases (Co2,etc) and acids (lactic & uric etc) are removed, and a new lot of oxygen is received from the lungs and nutrients are pumped by the heart plasma . This system extends to every cell and drains away the cellular wastes. It is returned to the blood system, after purification via the kidneys and liver. Purified blood is then returned to the circulatory system to continue the never ending process.

The Third System is the cerebral spinal fluid system. This slow moving system travels through all the cranium’s joints, taking wastes and toxins from the central nervous system, brought down the spine to the sacral pump, which also pumps up nutrients needed for the central nervous and cranial muscle systems. Effective cleansing is accelerated with the Hip Aligning and Step Breath done in the XenPod program. The goal being to do twenty inwards sniffs and twenty-four outward puffs. Each small breath is synchronised with the bottom of each bounce. Maximum chest expansion and spine flexion assures the sacrum will attain maximum range of motion for the cerebral spinal fluid to speed-up the central nervous system's huge responsibility: to regenerate the self-healing organism called a human body.

The Fourth System is the lymph system. You can see this clear fluid leaking from a burn, or from a common blister. Research done on freeing trapped plasma proteins (wastes) from this lymph fluid, is the sound, safe and simple basis of Ian Pettitt's Energising while Lymphacising program.

The incredible lymph or white blood system, has five times more fluid than our well known red blood system. All the cells of our body are nourished by the organic nutriments obtained from the food we eat every day and all other systems have access to our lymph fluids and it's elements and enzymes. Stress-free movement as done in lymphacising, is needed daily to create the enzymes, which activate all inter-cellular communications. These are only some of the most important responsibilities of the lymph system.



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