Developer of The Rainbow Body Energiser - Ian Pettitt

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Ian Pettitt was born in Australia in 1935. He has worked in many vocations during his life, but has always taken a keen interest in human health. Ian spent years in America, New Zealand, Tonga, Fiji and Australia being taught by experts in the fields of muscular alignment, nutrition, human energies, always with his focus on the Lymphatic System.


Mr. Ian Pettitt - the originator of the Body EnergizerIn 1985, Ian decided to open his own health clinic in Glen Eden, Auckland NZ as a registered and certified Lymphologist, practicing Live blood analysis, Nutrition and Massage, while also developing other pain relieving techniques. It was at this time that he seriously started his journey looking for ways he could refine and evolve the original lymphacising concepts of John Godwin, Brian Jenner and Gerard Alward, who in 1984 were the pioneers of cellular health and created the original model of the RH48 New Zealand Anti-Static Rainbow Lymphaciser.


By 1992 Ian had successfully developed the RH48 into a complete Body Energiser with his own total self-healing program of concepts, and in later years the sacred geometery of the design was also further developed and refined.

One of Ian’s major breakthroughs was an incorporation of his own Step Breath technique, based on the findings of Russian Kirlian Photography and the USSR Vibrational Energy research: plus the keys researched from twenty-five years of studying well over sixty therapies from all over the world. 

From 1976 to 1990 Ian was developing a hands-on Therapy called T.R.I.P. - Total Regeneration Instruction Program. This is where any healthy vibrant therapist can assist another low energy being to relax and release every body area, with the purpose of superseding the old memories stored at cellulat level, of guilt, anger, shame, grief and fear and replacing them with self-worth and positive acceptance of love, honesty, trust, gratitude and humility. This then creates the freedom for one to simply “be me”.

Standing on the Body Energizer doing the step breath methodsHis research, dedication, and commitment to his work is still being realized. After ten years of working with a satisfaction warranty and meeting the challenge of getting over 2000 units into twenty-six countries, Ian is now actively seeking support to establish larger scale production, to meet the high demand for this quality product.

The Rainbow Body Energiser, when used in conjunction within the balanced harmony found in his self-energising program, has been proven to have the capacity to reverse all structural pains and dis-ease, simply by bringing oxygen to the cells and removing the waste products of cellular functions via the lymphatics five elimination systems.

The current program is delivered with an instruction manual and one complimentary, private, online video session. The total package includes the RH48 XenPod with cover in a choice of black or orange, the cranial adjuster cushion, plus the Energising while Lymphacising eight step program wall chart and guide to total body health: using only air, water, food and gentle movements.


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