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It's NOT another cheap mini-trampoline or rebounder... but a high quality self health-care machine for gentle and therapeutic Health-Bouncing. It's NOT for rebound jumping! 


Yes, we have stock in Australia and New Zealand


This powerful Lymphatic System stimulating device can and will change your life! Kinesiology based testing has proven the XenPod to be the most advanced RH48 Lymphaciser available on the market today.

Due to the superior holistic benefits of the XenPod it has become a highly recommended and internationally sought after health-care product, recommended by many Alternate Health-Care professionals and Medical Doctors. WARNING: Cheap and nasty rebounders can damage your health and your energy field.

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Book a free personal consultation today to find out how this simple low-stress exercise program done for a few moments a day, will change your life forever. Developed over a period of twenty-five years, this Lymphaciser has proven to benefit many people with ALL ailments. The Energising while Lymphacising program created by Ian Pettitt, works hand in hand with the RH48 XenPod to promote improved lymphatic circulation and general well being. Book a consultation now!


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Our program is simple, easy to learn and we provide video and printed instructions and lessons. Little effort and time is required to step up to a new level of health and well-being.

When our life force becomes run down, low or depleted, we need a sure, safe and simple way of replenishing our vital life force's energy. Many methods currently exist for this purpose e.g. Tai Chi, Yoga, Meditation, exercise and numerous western therapies. Howeve, due to ignorance, or lifestyle and environmental stresses, humans often succumb to illness and disease, which weakens our life force and places more stress on depleted energy levels.

Optimum health and energy can only be attained and maintained by ensuring that the body's cells are kept healthy, with a balanced supply of Hydrogen, Oxygen and Organic Elements. Adopting a healthier life style requires combining many holistic approaches, to maintain good cellular health. A very self-empowering approach is to choose the XenPod as your trusted daily companion on this journey. It is the very best cellular health apparatus for daily use at home and can become a trusted and best friend.


The XenPod Lymphaciser & Harmonic Energiser is now available from Healthier Life in New Zealand. RRP is NZ$899, including free shipping and complimentary instruction session. 



While results will vary for ALL individuals, we have always found that diligently following the program will achieve dramatic results.

One of the program techniques is Ian's Step-Breathing. This simple and easy technique produces noticeable results on its own, but is amplified when used with the RH48 XenPod Lymphaciser & Harmonic Energiser 


The XenPod was conceived many years ago as the Rainbow Body Energiser. It was discovered from research and results, that gentle pulsating movement of the body results in removal of waste products from the cells. This is carried out by the Lymphatic System which is responsible for removal of the cellular wastes produced by the body.


We promise that if you follow the program precisely, you will begin to experience relief from most structural Pain and DisEase almost immediately. Our trained consultants will assist you to get the best results from the program. Make sure you get your complimentary instruction session!


The Body Energiser

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